MsC Ríos, Yolanda



Yolanda is a food lover scientist who also likes traveling and hiking. Her passion for food was inherited from her grandmother and she loves spending hours tasting food stuffs. She likes visiting food markets wherever she goes to know different cultures and taste its gastronomy.


Yolanda is BsC in Food Science and Technology and MsC in Food Quality and Safety by the University of the Basque Country. Since 2007 she works as a researcher at the Food Research Unit AZTI, in the Sensory and Consumer Sciences Laboratory, focused on sensory and consumer research for product development: consumer behaviour and market studies; emotions; sensory perception; food shelf-life; food quality; sensory evaluation of food products for specific targets (children, elderly, vegans, chronic patients and others). She also works on study, validation, and implementation new sensory methodologies. She has experience in new food product development, and she worked in the food industry, as a quality manager.

Articles by Yolanda