Dr. Rodríguez, Raquel



Raquel gives her love for food in her veins as she comes from a multicultural family. She loves traveling around the word in order to know and taste the food stuff that different cultures have. It is essential for her to visit the central market, little shops and supermarkets wherever she goes.


Raquel joined AZTI as research project manager in 2005. She obtained her PhD in Chemical Engineering “Development of new drying processes at Low temperature by the use of microwaves” in the University of Basque Country in Spain. She is senior researcher in the New Food Department. She has managed and participated in several projects in the field of innovation in Food Processes by the use of new technologies. She has more than 10 years of experience in improvement, development, optimization, control and validation of processes in agro-food companies. Co-author in 10 peer-reviewed papers and more than 40 contributions to congress (9 of them orals). Co-author in 5 patents.

Articles by Raquel