How to store food in the fridge
2020-08-17 10:12:10 Dr. Ana Baranda Dr. Ana Baranda

How to store food in the fridge

Tips, tricks, and general recommendations about food storage

Why is keeping the food in the fridge useful?

Cold temperatures prevent the growth of bacteria and other microbes that can spoil food and make people sick. Refrigerators have different compartments, with different temperature zones that serve for different purposes. Learning some basic storage techniques will help to keep your food supplies safe and healthy.

Fridge shelves characteristics

Although refrigerators should be kept at 4ºC, the temperature will vary in different parts of the fridge depending on how close they are to the cooling element. Thus, doors are the warmest part of the fridge and subjected to high temperature fluctuations These should be reserved for the most spoiling-resistant foods such as condiments, juices, mustard, tomato sauce, butter and other products that can stand up the temperature fluctuations.