What food combinations increase nutrient absorption? [with examples]
2020-11-17 12:24:07 Dr. Ana Baranda Dr. Ana Baranda

What food combinations increase nutrient absorption? [with examples]

Learn what food combinations increase or decrease the absorption of nutrients. 

It is a fact that adopting a broad healthy diet is the best approach to ensure you get all the vitamins and minerals you need to function well. However, they way we cook the food, the ingredients of the menu, the chemical form of a particular nutrient or interactions between various nutrients and foods are factors that can influence the absorption of those micronutrients in the body, the so-called bioavailability. Here you can find some tips about how to get the most nutritional value out your meals through some smart combinations.

Food combinations that improve nutrient absorption

Vitamin C + Iron

Vitamin C-rich foods help absorb iron. Some examples of combinations that enhance iron absorption are a green salad with red bell peppers or citrus dressing, hummus with beans and lemon juice and red meat with red bell pepper, Brussels sprouts, or broccoli.