7 autumn fruits and vegetables
2020-11-12 08:24:06 Dr. Ana Baranda Dr. Ana Baranda

7 autumn fruits and vegetables

Discover 7 autumn fruit and veggies and learn their nutritional benefits

Autumn has arrived with its typical colours: red, golden, yellow, orange and brown, the same as many interesting fruits and veggies of this season. This is the moment to take full advantage of their nutritional and healthy properties. Here there are 7 autumn fruit and vegetables you should try:


Although the edible seeds called arils provide several vitamins and minerals it is their high content of bioactive compounds what makes this fruit so valuable. Several studies showed that pomegranate juice have positive effects on reducing risk of chronic and degenerative diseases including cancer, diabetes, atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases. For those who are not familiar with this fruit, look for those firm and heavy for their size, a sign of juicy seeds inside.